Finance Committee

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The purpose of the Finance Committee shall be to monitor and administer all financial aspects of the District's operations and expenditures. The Finance Committee shall have the power and authority to perform such tasks as are consistent, or deemed necessary, to accomplish its stated purpose, including, without limitation, review receipts of the District, review and approve expenditures and disbursements by the District, review and provide conceptual approval of Segregated Reserve Fund projects, review and adopt such accounting and financial practices and procedures it deems appropriate, and any other matter deemed necessary or appropriate by the chairman of such Committee.

Meeting Notices/Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Notices & Agendas

Meeting Minutes

Finance Committee Members

  • Doug Stansil, Chairman
  • Karen Makoutz, Vice Chairperson
  • Tony Berndt
  • Alec Fraser
  • Terry Jannsen
  • Mark McCune

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